Why Shosett?

Before putting the Shosett brand out there, we gave our socks to friends and family who have dutifully tested our products every day for months on end, in order to make sure that you’re getting the best quality possible.

The combed cotton in our socks is mixed with a bit of polyamide, which protects the threads and makes the sock more resistant to tears, and a bit of elastane, which makes the sock stretch and fit nicely on any foot. The cotton is pre-dyed long before the socks are made. We will never print our socks, which means the colours will stay bright and bold for a long time and will never stain your clothes (provided you follow the washing instructions). Because cotton is a natural material it treats the foot much better than other synthetic materials so you don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises.

We will continue to test our products and perfect them over time. In the mean time, we’ll be wearing our colourful socks with pride and hope that you’ll find them as nice as we do!

Shosett is a small business founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2017. By buying your socks from us you’re doing more than just getting a pair of awesome socks. You’re encouraging small businesses in Britain and supporting a young entrepreneur who wanted to follow her dream and open a colourful online shop.

Shosett socks are made from ethically sourced cotton according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. All our socks are made in the European Union where strict environmental regulations ensure that the materials are procured from safe producers and that textile factories dispose of waste without polluting nearby communities.

We visited the place where our socks are sewn to make sure everything looks the way it should. The factory uses Italian Lonati machines which take care of most of the leg work involved in the sock-making process. A handful of lovely ladies work there and, in addition to setting up the machines and overseeing the whole process, they also take care of the handiwork details. We have personally met all the people working there and can guarantee that no child labour or unfair labour practices are involved.

Because we want to make the world a better place, we believe in giving back. Each year we donate a percentage of our profits to the World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children or the Cancer Research Institute. We are currently working on a system that will let you pick the charity that is closest to your heart when placing an order with Shosett.

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