About Us

Patterns. Stripes. And everything nice.

These were the ingredients that were chosen to create the perfect pair of socks. Made with the softest cotton and brightest colours, the Shosett socks are here to save the world from a future of boring black socks, one lucky foot at a time.

That’s how the story goes, maybe a bit less dramatic, but the substance is the same.

Shosett was born from a spark of hope that colourful socks can change the world. Colours are fun, crazy, wonderful. They can describe people, affect moods, evoke emotions. They’re a statement. A statement of courage and non-conformity. A statement of happiness and joy.

I truly believe that colourful socks can make lives better, brighter and bolder. So that’s why I made Shosett. It took a year to set everything up. I wanted to get the best quality, to make them close to home, to make sure all the materials are sustainably sourced and ethically produced. I was in my fourth year at university, studying at Northumbria Uni in Newcastle when I finally opened my online sock shop. I designed, photographed and wrote everything you see on this website and on the Shosett social media (@shosettofficial). Everything for a dream. To bring a smile to people’s faces with these colourful socks. To make the world a happier, more colourful place.

~ Diana